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Creating Excitement, New Relationships & Team Spirit

 “The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time, your attention, your love, your concern.”  -Joel Osteen

Educational Endeavors offers a Connections program designed to help groups of people get “connected” to each other in fun and interactive ways. Connections events involve participants in small teams that work together in order to complete and solve as many challenges, puzzles and games as possible before the program ends.

Appropriate for all abilities and designed to engage large groups of people, our Connections programs are set up on school campuses, in city parks and at camp and resort settings. Participation in these events requires groups to communicate, share ideas, try new things and work together. Depending on the amount of time, space available and the size of the group, between 20 and 50 individual team-building activities can be utilized.

“Freshmen Connections” is a great way for freshmen students to be introduced to their new high school environment. In a short period of time, this interactive event helps students to get to know each other as they move about and become more familiar with the school campus. Because this event requires many different activities and challenges to occur simultaneously, there are many opportunities for upper-class students, teachers, staff and administrators to act as “facilitators” and “team leaders.”

After completing a Freshmen Connections program, many participants report that they are “more excited and confident” about entering high school and that they feel “more comfortable and willing” to interact with other students.

As the principal of a large inner city high school, I am always working to develop student and staff leadership and team building skill… Educational Endeavors has GREATLY helped improve our school environment.  Our students and staff find Educational Endeavors an A+ activity that brings lasting positive changes.  In my twenty years in education I have yet to find a program that equals the lasting benefits of Educational Endeavors’ outstanding program.— Chris Jones, Principal High School