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Over the years I have heard the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in Team” countless times.  I struggled with this idea and have come to the conclusion that it is mostly incorrect and actually inhibits teamwork from occurring.  While it can be behooving for a team to reach out and support or “drag along” a team member that is not participating at a level he or she has demonstrated or is capable, I believe this concept has been interrupted by many to mean that teams should support individual members regardless of effort or performance.  The correct phrase, in my opinion:  “There is nothing but ‘I’s’ in a team.”  This concept may seem insensitive, but it shifts the responsibility of creating teamwork, or contributing to its creation, from the team to its individual members.  The best way to understanding this idea is simply stated:  “The team has no responsibility to the individual, the individual has all the responsibility to the team.”  So, as you see below, there is an I in team!

There it is the I in team