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Creating Teamwork, Leadership, Communication & Team Spirit

Educational Endeavors offers a variety of  Team-Building and Leadership programs for groups of various sizes and abilities.  These programs are rooted in interaction and fun, while emphasizing skills related to teamwork, leadership, camaraderie, communication and problem-solving.

 The interactive “challenges” that are employed are ideal for a variety of occasions and purposes and are tailored to address each team’s unique goals and interests.

Our Team-Leadership programs are versatile and appropriate for any youth group, for example:  schools, athletic teams, church groups, youth organizations and summer camps.  By use of portable elements and props, these events can be set up and facilitated in a variety of outdoor and indoor venues, such as school campuses, city parks, camps, resorts, work sites, etc.

Yes, I know I took what I learned at educational endeavors and use it daily! I am always thinking how I can be a leader at school as well as my workplace! Also you learn great teamwork skills which you can use every day no matter where you are.— Bella Hibbs