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Educational Endeavors is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping individuals and teams reach their highest potential in school, at home, at work and within the community.

Since 1999, Educational Endeavors has facilitated activities for thousands of school-aged participants and adult professionals each year. The programs we design are tailored to address each group’s unique areas of interest or concern. Events occur on school campuses or at city parks, camp retreats, conference resorts or select facilities/sites equipped for outdoor activities like high ropes and rock climbing.



“The price is worth the time and instruction! This isn’t a set day that you come in and they teach and then you leave. The facilitators are experienced in working with any group size so they are not only including everyone, but working with those that need additional attention.” – Jen Seydow, Scottsdale Community College

With our support and encouragement, you can overcome inhibitions, challenges and attitudes that prevent you and your team from succeeding.

Our professional staff have decades of experience in education, business, coaching, facilitation and leading outdoor adventures. We will help your team reach heights only imagined.

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